Quarter of renters in the UK at some point have lost their security deposit? Leaving them in a position where they can’t re-rent as the money they would use to pay for the next deposit has been taken, and for generally easily avoidable problems, a common one of which is leaving the house unclean.

Here at Ultra Clean Ovens, we are in regular contact with the letting agencies, landlords and tenants who require their ovens to be cleaned, or re-cleaned for the next occupants.

What we’ve noticed though is during this last month and continuing now is an increased amount of landlords requiring ovens being cleaned by us due to the previous tenants, which have been students not cleaning behind themselves. Ovens being lined with burnt on grease is not an acceptable state to leave a property, which unfortunately for the students, will mean they lose their deposit, not surprisingly!

Fortunately, with our experience and knowledge of oven cleaning we can provide you with solution at a reasonable and affordable cost, so you can save yourself from losing your money!