Frequently asked questions about oven cleaning

Are there any dangerous fumes and does it smell?
No. We use natural eco friendly cleaning products that are both fume and odour free.
Do you clean the door glass?
Yes. We can clean inside and outside the door giving you a perfectly clear view of what is cooking in your oven. We do offer a door split option if the door requires dismantling if grease has gone between the inner and outer glass.
Do you clean Stainless Steel ovens?
Yes. We use specially formulated cleaner to clean stainless steel as many chemicals are to abrasive and can easily scratch the surface.
Do you clean microwave ovens?
Yes. We certainly do, we can have your microwave ultra clean just like your freshly cleaned oven.
Would you recommend using a shop bought oven cleaner?
No. We would not recommend using a cleaner bought from the supermarket as they tend to contain a caustic substance which can be dangerous when not used correctly. Leaving the cleaner on overnight can damage your enamel in your oven. They also have a terribly strong smell that can last for weeks. Use gloves and ideally evacuate children and animals before use. Please don’t use on stainless steel, it can leave a cloudy effect which we cannot remove.
Do you have any tips on keeping my oven clean once it has been cleaned?

Yes. There are many things that can keep your oven looking cleaner for longer.

Clean up spills straight away while they are still in a liquid or soft form, as once they burnt on they are almost impossible to get off without some major elbow grease.

The external areas of the oven can be cleaned quite easily with a gentle cleanser, or even glass cleaner usually does the job. Use a soft cloth, something that is not abrasive that will mark the surface.

Don’t clean the oven while it is very hot for obvious reasons and also the cleaners evaporate and leave leave marks on your oven.

Why should I get Ultra Clean Ovens to clean my oven?

It’s a dirty job! Cleaning your oven is a chore and is voted one of the most hated jobs in the home.

Having your oven cleaned will make your food taste considerably better as we make sure all the spills are all cleaned up removing the burnt on grime and grease that causes the oven to smoke setting off your smoke alarms.

If your a landlord having the oven cleaned before a new tenant moves in also shows the level of cleanliness you expect when they move out.

If your selling your home, people do look at the appliances to judge how well the place has been looked after and it will also make your oven last longer.

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